Anxiety in Children: Symptoms

Children undergo many “phases” during their formative years –  oftentimes, we’ll find that they undergo a general change in their temperament and character. This is frequently due to  a clear anxiety problem for the child, and can be attributed to a specific event in their lives.  For example, perhaps a friend has moved away and they feel just a little lost; maybe a grandparent or someone close has died.  The child feels unaccustomed emotions, and has difficulty coping.   As a result, Parental arguments or disagreements might be unsettling them –  or perhaps a change of house or school.  All of these can trigger  panic attacks in  children, which must be faced by both children and the parents.

Your son or daughter may begin blowing small problems out of all proportion, and a small problem might be enough to make them restless as well as angry. They may seem nervous or hypersensitive — which might make a mountain from a mole hill. This may have nothing to do with the main underlying problem, but is one thing that may happen – so be prepared.

Anxiety:  Kids

Their sleep pattern may be disturbed, plus they may seem difficult to wake each morning (not wanting to get up).  Perhaps they haven’t slept well during the night, and find it simpler to sleep when everyone else is up.  An alteration in their amounts of activity may be noticed – stressed kids are hyperactive sometimes, and underactive at others.  This might not follow a recognisable, obvious pattern to you,  and they may seem to change quickly and unexpectedly.

Kids with Anxiety:  Anxiety Disorders in Children

Should you believe that your child could be experiencing anxiety, it is wise to get help for them as soon as possible. The best place to begin is by teaching yourself and finding out what you can about the signs, symptoms, and  issues that your child is facing.  Don’t let yourself be angry with them even if you believe their behaviour is just naughty and disruptive. Trying strict and threatening discipline is usually not the solution, and does not face the facts of the underlying problems that are the cause of tension that they’re feeling. The Anxiety Free Child Program is really a well written plan that will help you and your child break the spiral of anxiety, and redirect your lives in a relaxed direction. You’ll find additional information regarding this and other great programs at the new website – I’ve Very Tired Parents!

About The Anxiety-Free Child Program

Children who struggle with anxiety are much more prone to becoming anxious adults that may struggle their whole lives with fear.  In fact, research has shown that as much as 90% of adults with anxiety disorders battled anxiety as a child. Problem anxiety may also predispose your child to  other mental health issues and dangerous behaviors like cutting, substance abuse, and possibly suicide. The good thing is that your child doesn’t have to suffer needlessly with anxiety any more.

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