Kids Lifestyle: Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle

Greetings healthy eaters! Here is a listing of all my Healthy Eating Guide articles:

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Here at HealthyKids, we offer information on teens, kids, toddlers and infant
health. We cover challenging teen issues such as teen pregnancy and drinking,
restful sleep, martial arts and yoga for kids,  as well as healthy habits and
fulfilling hobbies such as scrapbooking.     

We have a special section on healthy eating guides, and cover current health
issues such as Autism and the autistic toddler, childhood obesity, insomnia,
juvenile diabetes, and baby illness.


Infant Sleep & Newborn Communication

We also have a section on infant sleep, baby crying, newborn communication and newborn games. Then too, we included a section on Toddler Learning, girls and aspergers, kids online safety, and kids education.

We have an extensive section on home schooling – over 40 posts detailing the
various aspects of home schooling such as homeschooling requirements,
and recordkeeping, and suggestions for scheduling and homeschool curriculum.

You will definitely find something helpful in our homeschooling section. We
also have a couple of resourceful articles on what to bring to college. As far
as nutrition, we touch on that as well; we have a nutritional healing section,
childrens nutrition guidelines, and a Meal Prep section waiting for you.


Home Remedies:  A Useful Guide

If you are into home remedies, we have an alternative medicine section, as well
as Homeopathy (yeast infection cures, tonsil stones, etc.).

As far as maternity health, that is delved into – things such as yoga for the
pregnant mom, healthy eating during pregnancy, and Pregnant Sleeping Position.

As you may have surmized, sleep is a big topic here at HealthyKids. Every age
is covered – from baby all the way up to adult.  We do feel strongly that healthy
is a foundation – get it right, and the rest of your life benefits.

We also feel strongly meditation, yoga, and cleanses are an important thing to
include in your daily life – for your overall health and wellness.


Healthy Eating Guides

As a mother, sometimes you have to take a step back and look at a new way of
doing things – if you find it challenging to get your youngster interested in
eating things which are good for him – like fresh vegetables – then why not
try something new?

Meaning, introduce your toddler or child to gardening. Let him (or her) choose
a vegetable to plant, and have your child do the watering, weeding, etcetera –
and when the food is harvested, take it inside and show your kid the meal prep
end of things.

Pull out the herbs, and the cookbooks, and help your kid(s) get educated about
healthful food early.  Have your child make up a scrapbook with simple recipes,
or else go online and order a child’s cookbook so he can learn easily.

Notebook Idea:  Color Coding              

Maybe use “color coding” for the vegetables – particularly if your child is young,
this will help him (or her) learn the various veggies more readily.

You can come up with all sorts of ideas, and ways, to appeal to your children
when it comes to food and learning about healthy foods & the 4 food groups.

There is no reason to fail – just get creative, and invest some of your time in
teaching your kids about nutrition (and also Nutritional Healing).

There is no reason to fail – just get creative, and invest some of your time in
teaching your kids about nutrition (and also Nutritional Healing). Once your child
learns about superfoods, and how certain vegetables & fruits can perform healing,
it’s likely they’ll be fascinated.

There’s also another idea – use of Bento Boxes (make the veggies into a shape or a design)


One Final Note

Additionally, about possibly enrolling your kids in a class about edible herbs –
they really might enjoy this.  And it also touches on eating enough fiber, and
avoiding the problem of constipation by eating certain healthy fruits.     

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