Healthy Sleep Habits: When Baby Won’t Sleep


When children transition from babies in to toddlers, there are lots of adjustments parents need to make, but sleep routine is near the top of the checklist. Toddlers rest much less during the day, however need more rest at night.

As kids move into the toddler years, they progressively eliminate their naps.  However they still require ample sleep, generally 11 to 12 hours.  Many parents discover that their kids can encounter toddler sleep issues which must be conquered, or they’ll be quite irritable! 


Getting Baby to Sleep:  Toddler Sleep Problems

One of the primary contributors to Toddler Sleep Problems  (which parents shouldn’t continue to nurture)  is having their kids fall asleep only if they’re around. It’s critical they train their toddlers how to soothe themselves as they lay down and go to sleep.

If baby wont sleep, there are things you can do.  Develop a normal, night time routine that finishes with bed time, including a bath, reading books together, and then goodnight time.  This could be followed by mother and father assuring the youngster that they are secure, that they will check up on them regularly to ensure they are okay;  this should lead to sleep.



Make absolutely no mistake, your child will challenge you on this.   Often toddlers will do something they can to extend their own time with parents, and what this means is extending bedtime. This can lead to extending their nighttime routine, continuously requesting for assistance in their own room, asking for a cookie, etc.   Nevertheless, mother and father shouldn’t fall for these types of delays.


Reassuring Toddlers

If baby wont sleep, it is crucial to let them know that whatever they’re preoccupied with will still be there each morning, and after that become more firm at bedtime than at any other.  Once tucking them in, promptly say goodnight;  don’t prolong things, giving them opportunity to fuss and delay. Tuck all of them within, reassure you’ll check up on all of them, after that depart and close the door.

Portable Toddler Bed 

Toddler Car Bed-Red

Toddler Car Bed

The bed your child has makes a difference.  He or she really should transition.  If your son or daughter continues to be in his crib, you may want to consider a  toddler bed (like little tikes bed) or portable toddler bed.   A few cribs will transform into a toddler bed by removing a number of the bed rails.  But if your crib does not, you can buy a great toddler bed that will last several more years – perhaps try a toddler car bed (a.k.a. little tykes bed).

Bed time is psychological for kids and mother and father, and frequently turns into a battle of child/parent control.  Kids will be attached to their own mother and father and want more time with them, particularly when they are fully aware a long evening is ahead of them.  While you can’t make them fall asleep, you can create an environment that’s conducive to sleep, and a portable toddler bed may help.

If you are experiencing toddler sleeping problems, take comfort in understanding that you are not the first to face it and it will end. It’s one of the many toddler changes that mother and father must face during these important years.

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