Here’s some news on Common Bad Habits in Children.  Bear in mind that when dealing with very young children, like toddlers, further guidance and an extra dose of patience is needed.  We’ll begin with a few videos on Kids Habits:

First up, Jennifer Trachtenberg, M.D. dispenses some good practical advice:

Good Kids, Bad Habits by Jennifer Trachtenberg, MD

Jennifer Trachtenberg, MD, author of Good Kids, Bad Habits – The RealAge Guide to Raising Healthy Children speaks about the challenges raising healthy kids for life, and how habits formed today can have a big impact on how healthy you child when they…


♦ The next video discusses certain common, well-known bad habits such as nail biting, twirling the hair, or pick at their teeth or nose:

Bad Habits

We should not have bad or unhealthy habits which are an entrance for diseases and sickness in our body. Bad habits like always eating junk food, playing in the open without shoes, biting your nails etc. hamper our health and tu…


♦ Developing Good Habits From an Early Age:  An Illuminating Video from the 1950’s:


The Importance of Developing Good Habits In Our Daily Lives / Educational Video

From the public domain film, “Habit Patterns” (1954). The word virtue comes from Latin. It denotes “strength of character leading to courageous deeds”. St. Augustine says that “virtue is a good habit consonant with our nature”. The virtues are dispos…


♦ Latest Tweets on Common Bad Habits:

Changing lifetime habits is hard work and one of the big, most common bad habits is late night eating. They’re…

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♦ Tired of suffering from unhealthy eating habits? Find out how to finally stop

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“@josephangan: The Seven Healthy Habits of Highly Fit People – -eatmedrinkme:” – Take THAT anorexic, unhealthy bitches.

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Health And Fitness | What Makes Kids Not Stop Bad Habits   toddler-age

Children, from toddlers to adolescents, are very much susceptible to bad habits. Some of the common bad habits in kids (and Toddler habits) include, lashing out at others, disrespecting elders, biting nails, untidiness, drug use (teens) and also reacting emotionally to a divorce situation – to READ our special post on Divorce and Children, go to Divorce and Kids


Raising HealthyKids Today Can Be Quite a Challenge..

Be Positive when encouraging your kids to avoid certain unhealthy eating habits:

Healthy Eating for Children:  5 Bad Habits

Raising healthy eating kids can be challenging at the best of times. they need your guidance and encouragement. by avoiding these unhealthy eating habits, you are less likely to have to deal with their defiance.

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