TEEN Angst:  Teenagers Troubles

Parents are the main models for their children. This general perception can shift when the child comes into adolescence. Hormonal and behavioral changes begin in children, and this invokes changes.  When the teen’s troubles increase, parental interference is needed; and when all efforts are exhausted, a specialist will be required.

Several teenagers sail into adulthood with no behavioral problems. This is described in Diary of a Wimpy Kid 5. Others, however, have altered attitudes and conduct troubles. Parents must check the new type of demeanor of their children, and take necessary steps.

The signs of shifted behavior include rebelliousness, defiance, unnatural withdrawn behavior, violent behavior, substance abuse, addictions such as obsessions with body look. Teens go with a group of friends to whom their parents are not introduced. They become sneaky and have secrets from their parents. They hide themselves from family and family holidays. Some kids show signs of psychological problems like depression.


teenager troubles

are first detected, parents ought to take responsible steps in order to short-circuit the problem before it gains momentum. Parents should listen to what their kids say – and be willing to become consultants when the teen asks for assistance. This is no time to be a dictator.

This kind of attitude will evoke a rebellious response and force the teen into deeper troubles. Parents should not trust the teen automatically — and if your teen transgresses you must not hide behind “a wall of silence”.  Parents have to comprehend that the deed of the teenager is actually a cry for help, and a professional should be sought out.

An uneasy teen gets into habits that endanger the life and normal balance of the teen. Parents must endeavor to restore this harmony once again, by helping the teen directly or by talking to a social worker, or maybe a  teen psychology professional.

Parents need to set down discipline rules that are not too harsh, nor very lenient.  Enforcing guidelines, such as a regular curfew is what a loving, responsible parent does; also, imparting strong values, and sensible rules to a teen, should keep them from harsh consequences. You may read about it in Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Ugly Truth.

Parental intervention is the essential initial step to intervene and settle the problems of an adolescent. Parents should spare no expense (or pain) in seeking help for the behavioral problems of  their teenagers. If parents cannot reform the child themselves, they must seek professional help.

If professionals are not able to solve the problem, teenagers should be sent to special programs where living and working with other uneasy teens will help them to finally learn the values of discipline, and make them have a more balanced outlook. Such examples are shown in Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

In fact, parents should never shy away from seeking the assistance of specialists.  After all, such professionals are trained in managing teenage problems. Physicians, counselors are well versed in managing these kids. Parents should be open minded, and learn from such professionals , so that the family can function better as a unit — and help the troubled teen.

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