Baby Shower Game Ideas

Innovative Ideas For Baby Shower Games

What’s the big idea about Baby Shower Game ideas?

Well, you know if you are having fun, the baby can feel it ! When you laugh, your

growing infant detects this.

Motherly Love

can be felt by a baby in the womb.

So, invite those friends and relatives over! Here is a variety of

baby shower game ideas

for you to consider:

Baby Shower Games: Baby games to play at the Baby Shower

Some of the baby showers included are Sing It, Baby!, Measuring up Mommy, Here’s Looking at You, Kid!, Don’t Say Baby, Baby, and Dig out the Pins.

These baby games are some of the ones usually played. They are a great way for guests to get acquainted and aren’t too mentally taxing. And it bestows honor on the mom-to-be for having that precious bundle on the way.

How do we play these baby shower games? Here is the run-down on how to play the baby shower games and create good memories of a great baby shower.

In Sing It, Baby!, the guests participants form a circle. They can sit or stand. Then, each guest must sing a line or two from a song that has the word “baby” in it. When the first game player has finished, the next person seated on her right has ten seconds to sing another “baby” song. “Baby” songs cannot be repeated, thus, participants who repeat a song or cannot think of a “baby” song get booted out of the game. Last person singing in this baby shower game wins the prize!

How big has mommy become? Measuring Up Mommy is the baby game shower to play as this gives the guests the freedom to measure mommy’s size. Have a couple of toilet paper rolls ready and ask each participant to estimate the size of mommy’s girth by cutting the toilet paper to their guess size. Then each one wraps around the new mommy’s stomach the toilet paper they cut. The nearest length approximating to the mommy’s stomach wins the prize!

Remember how adorable you looked when you were an infant? This will bring back memories; you need to dig up all those old baby pictures of you. You need them to play the baby shower game Here’s Lookin’ At You, Kid! When you send out the invites, tell all the guests coming to be sure and bring the cutest baby snapshots of themselves.

As the guests filter in, collect each person’s baby pic & write a number on the back of it. Then make up a master sheet with everyone’s name and corresponding number. During the game, place everyones’ baby pictures on a table – then, ask each party-goer to identify as many of the babies as he/she can. In the end, the one with the most right wins.

This baby game shower makes you NOT say what you are suppose to be attending to! The game Don’t Say Baby is precisely that! Don’t say “baby” during the entire length of the baby shower, or the diaper pin that was given to you upon your arrival will be taken away from you. The person with the most number of diaper pins at party’s end gets a prize.

And if you need one more baby shower game idea, you may go with Dig Out the Safety Pins – here, guests will simply vie to see who can come up with the most diaper pins, which are in a big bowl of uncooked rice. The action goes on for just two minutes – so this one may be a good finale as it is fairly short.

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