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Good day to you.   Yoga has assisted me in relieving stress and slowing down.  It can be a wonderful thing.   There are various categories of yoga, and you need to determine the branch you’re interested in.   For my part, I provide you with some helpful links to websites as well as some PDF resources (you will need Adobe Reader to view)

Note also that you will need a quiet room devoid of any distraction in order to do this (and a kids yoga mat).   Meditation is a good accompaniment to family yoga.

Yoga For the Family (PDF)

Teach Kids Yoga:   YouTube Video

Yoga Poses for Kids:   YouTube Video

Yoga Poses for Beginners:   YouTube Video


Expert Instruction:

Yoga Breathing Exercises

Free Yoga Exercise Videos

How to Detox Your Body

(Detox Exercise)


Free Yoga Classes

Online Guided Meditation Ebook

Ebook on Hatha Yoga (no cost)

Ultimate Flexibility: Hatha Yoga Continued

Yoga Exercisesa PDF Ebook

*Note:   You can download the Adobe Reader for free here

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