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Is there a correlation between self esteem and

childhood obesity?

– a tragic epidemic in U.S.A:


It is really no secret what an epidemic kids obesity has become in almost every industrialized Western nation; in fact,

childhood obesity

is one of the few things still growing! Whilst everything else is shrinking at a rapid pace – the economy, jobs and the standard of living – the growth rate of obesity just keep soaring.

There cannot be too many people who do not realize that the Western world is facing a health crisis. If something is not done about it sooner rather than later, it’s difficult to know exactly how bad the problem might become.   There are solutions

Yes, there is genuine cause for concern regarding

kids obesity

All of this has been brought home to me lately, as I have read an excellent new natural weight loss book called ‘Losing Weight Nature’s Way’. The title is self explanatory, but the fact is that this is an extremely entertaining and educational read. And if I have taken nothing else from it, I have realized that losing weight nature’s way is nowhere near as difficult as you might imagine it to be.

Equally as important, it is obvious from this book that there is absolutely no necessity to spend money on expensive diet regimes or chemical laden weight reduction pills. Everything that needs to be done can be done completely naturally. However, as the book makes  clear, if you don’t lose weight in the correct (i.e. natural) way, then you cannot help but lose weight in the incorrect way. So unfortunately,  this means your weight loss is likely temporary.

I think that more than anything else, reading ‘Losing weight nature’s way’ has given me a clear understanding of why eating a poor diet and not exercising would almost inevitably lead to weight gain. Put it this way.  This is a book that I would recommend if your child or teen is overweight and has issues with self esteem – do it for your kids health!  

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