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There are some basic common sense rules of eating, or

children nutrition guidelines

I am providing you a partial list. Nutritional Guidelines – Some guidelines (when followed) will aid your family with certain conditions.

Constipation eating

, for example, is eating foods prepared in a certain way. For instance, many people are helped by dining on dried fruits, cooked fruit, or stewed fruits. Fiber is helpful for constipation because it serves to both soften the stool, and add bulk. Simply focus on eating a wide variety of cooked fruits (See List Below), nuts, whole grains, vegetables and legumes. Eat Bulk: Dried Fruit & Cooked Fruit constipation eating

  1. Pears
  2. Peaches
  3. Papaya
  4. Figs
  5. Apricots
  6. Pineapple
  7. Prunes

Food Habits: Here are some nutritional eating guidelines (food habits which your children can benefit from):

  1. Learn to eat fruits & vegetables from an early age
  2. Don’t eat things advertised on t.v.
  3. Read the labels before you make a purchase
  4. Read up on Recent Probiotics Books (or buyThe Diabetic Chef’s Year-Round Cookbook
  5. Do Not eat due to boredom
  6. Buy a Freezer and buy in bulk
  7. Eat at healthy restaurants. (or Cook at home)
  8. Eat things your grandmother would have prepared
  9. Use probiotics (advantageous: beneficial bacteria)
  10. Limit salt intake
  11. Use healthy herbs for flavorings
  12. Do not be lured by foods making claims (“low-Fat”)
  13. Use natural sweeteners – Stevia is a good one
  14. Eat organic when possible
  15. Drink tea without caffeine in it
  16. Keep a Food Diary (& detect any food allergies your child may have & deal with it)
  17. Attend a Class about edible herbs (kids may enjoy) – I myself went to an herb farm & enrolled in fun classes *
  18. healthy kids cookbooks – help children select their own cookbooks – have them take an active role in this so that they will begin to take responsibility for their health
  19. Have your kids do a cookbook scrapbook! (Keepsakes could be things they helped prepare or bake with you)
  20. Farmers MarketBe Sure & Visit when possible!
  21. Choose Wild Game Meat on occasion.

  • Tips on Supermarket & Grocery Shopping:
  1. Always have a prepared List & stick to it
  2. Shop on the outside edges of the store (stay out of the middle section)
  3. Buy mostly “fresh” fruit & veggies; can or freeze excess
  4. No “last minute” spontaneous purchases (by Checkout)

My LENS on healthful eating

Also, it’s a good idea to have the television in your home shut down for a period of time (an hour or so) – this way, your kids cannot hear those cereal pitches, etc. (avoiding problems at the Store). Additional Resources:

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