Halloween Activities: Puppets, Costumes, Treats and More

Halloween Crafts  Today I will share something to delight the kids – resources for fun Halloween crafts, costumes and decorations.  I have done some digging, and found a few “ghoulish” ideas as well as fun, crafty activities.  Let’s start with the halloween moon with bats flying over –


It’s pretty simple to do – while you may have to help your younger children cut the shape of the bat(s) from the construction paper, it will be satisfying for them to see the end result –  here is a picture of what it is, once finished:            Halloween Project


The supplies needed are:

  • Silver card
  • Black paper
  • Glue

This project is supplied by Activity Village so visit them for the full instructions.   Next, we have the “monster collection” – kids can choose to make ghostly creations. halloween crafts for toddlersThey might make ghost brownies , a ghost puppet, a felt-based ghost toy, or the really cool “handprint/footprint” ghost ..  To view these activities/crafts, you want to seek out Activityvillage.co.uk/ghost-crafts.  You may want to put on some eerie music while you’re helping your child create. You know, something like “The Monster Mash”  or maybe some music from Phantom of the Opera – or one of my favorites is Disney Halloween music, such as:

Halloween Music:  Some Classics

There’s Bernstein’s Night on Bare Mountain, or traditional eerie music such as House on Haunted Hill:

*Note – Older children may enjoy the movie “Young Frankenstein” – especially pre-teens and teensthis music you can even find on Youtube


Pumpkin Creations:  Unusual Jack o’ Lanterns

First, let’s start off with Martha Stewart – she has an owl design, a “caged crow” pumpkin design, a pumpkin carriage, Haunted Forest and more. To see Martha’s Halloween carving ideas firsthand, visit THIS Page .     Martha Stewart Halloween Ideas: Pumpkin Carvings


Halloween Pumkin Carvings For Toddlers and Youngsters:

Here’s more nice “pumpkin carving patterns” – there’s a spooky bat, a spooky skeleton, a cute cat (Feline) stencil, also at BetterHomesandGardens (bhg.com):

With toddlers, you may want to stick to the easier patterns.   Examples of these would be:               Kids Stuff: Pumpkin Design Ideas

  1. Horned Grin
  2. Feline Stencil
  3. Frankenstein Face
  4. Wide Grin
  5. Spooky Skeleton 
  6. LION Stencil

Once at bhg.com, you will need to PAGE thru the arrows to find the various stencil patterns .  Go to PATTERNS 

Hope that helps you moms !


Halloween Costumes for Toddlers: DIY Costume Ideas

You’d be amazed at some of the truly creative costumes you all can make at home – such as the Spaghetti & Meatballs creation (why not go as a Meal), or “Bubble Bath” as pictured HERE .  These are mainly “no-sew” type halloween costumes, which you moms will appreciate!  See the slideshow here

Some more creative ideas for costumes involve having a group of kids go as a punk rock band – as shown HERE. This will involve use of Acid-Wash jeans, black nail polish, and wigs – PLUS a Guitar, naturally!

 If you have a cute little girl, you may like to make a SNOWBALL outfit for her – as demonstrated HERE <==

For a boy toddler, you may wish to create a “Weather Meteorologist” costume – actually this is fine for gals or guys – Visit this example  Boy Costume for Halloween   Some boys may like to go as a Traffic Light – which is simple to make ==> SEE VIDEO

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