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Types of Martial Arts

There are a wide variety of martial arts styles – Japan, for instance, has judo and Jujutsu while China has Kung fu, Wing Chun, and Tantui.

With most

types of martial arts

the color of the belt represents your rank within your

style of martial arts

Since the belts do signify an achievement, they are proudly worn by the practitioner. You can check out the hierarchy of the belts that are used here.

Note that while this is true, these colored belts have no universally accepted meaning within the martial arts world.

They simply inform others on how much knowledge you have amassed with your specific martial art.

Use of Belt Colors in Martial Arts
This is a centuries old practice.   In fact, the use of belts was initiated by a man known as Jigoro Kano, who created the style known as Kodokan Judo.   Kano began with just white and black belts in order to establish a rank, or hierarchy within his style of martial arts.

Kano’s Reason for Use of Colored Belts

You may be wondering, what was his rationale for using colored belts.  It was to identify which students would be allowed to compete against one another in different activities.  Of course, someone with only a  white belt could not compete in the same activities as someone with a black belt.

Now, later on other colors were introduced to the martial arts world.  In fact, it became a neat way to tell a story of the individual experience a student had in his  martial arts style – merely by belt color.

(Note:  Over the years, other martial arts styles began to do this, as well.  Among them – Karate, Taekwondo, and several others.)

A problem cropped up with the use of colored belts to identify ranking, or position.  What happened is that schools began to set their own requirements needed to achieve a certain martial arts belt.

This despite the fact that two  schools may be instructing on the same exact martial arts form. (this of course causes confusion)

While most schools adhere to the same set of  criteria, there are some who use their own unique style as well.

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Notes of Interest:
There is a form of brazilian jiu jitsu known as 10th planet jiu jitsu.   It is quite popular because it has been designed for small people to defeat larger ones, and it works well even when you’re taken by surprise.

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Websites:


(Sparring, Techniques, Seminars & Tournaments)

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