What to Bring to College: Some Ideas for Packing for College

Today I have both some good videos on

packing for college

and some enlightening blog posts with good “authority”. I will mix in something humorous, too. One of the videos talks about what not to bring, lest you embarass yourself.

Also, this is a unique opportunity for independence, to get to know yourself; to learn what you’re like away from home – so why bring all the things from home? You may learn things you just never knew about yourself !

First, a printable

College Checklist

Second, here’s a blog with a good comprehensive list on what to bring to college.

**Noteworthy: It also includes a list of What to Leave at Home .   For your perusal:


WHAT TO BRING TO COLLEGE  by Collegeprep101.com

Bear in mind this List tells you of “things you cannot live without” such as a refrigerator,


Koolatron Mini Frig-KWCXJ6 Coca-Cola 9-Can-Capacity-B001VKY8GU

Koolatron 9 Can Capacity Mini-frig

a microwave, & Netflix Membership (ha).  Then it also details really essential “everyday living” things such as Laundry Basket, laundry soap, stain remover, shower shoes, shower caddy e.g.



Now for some video – Here’s a Video based on

college packing list for girls

Dorm Room Essentials

Make your dorm room comfortable, yes – but also find ways to economize on space through storage ideas & creativity.

Now.. next up:

STUPID Things to Bring & WISE Items

College Packing List for GUYS –

The young man covers things like curtains/curtain rod, bedsheets, pillows, warm blanket, comforters, chair for self & one for a visitor, wrapping paper, bulletin board, hangers, books, storage stuff, decor, tablecloth, mugs/cups, plates/utensils and more [Like Travel mug & Router or ETHERNET Cable]. It’s got 83 “thumbs up” so far [as of early 2016].

>> He also touches on Pens/Pencils and a pencil holder, blank DVD’s, Printer, Ink, Phone, Phone charger, tape, paper clips e.g.
>> Some of these will be personal choices – but at least you guys in the audience will have an idea of IMPORTANT Things to bring to school.

What to Bring to College

Some good “Down to Earth” advice here; it’s a QUICK video (just 5 minutes), so CHECK out his solid advice.

Finally we have a Popular Video:

College Stories: What To Bring to College (A Girls Viewpoint)

– This video is about eleven minutes long, and does make you CONSIDER things. For instance, vitamins (would you have thought to bring these?).
Also she talks about “Things that make you feel right at home“.. and stuff such as bringing a variety of clothing, a Raincoat, and Storage Bins [she suggests waiting to buy these til you’ve arrived at school].

HERE’S THE 11 Minute, highly-acclaimed video [Over 1400 THUMBS UP]


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