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tooth whitening strategies for kids


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  Childrens Nutritional Guideline



healthy and unhealthy habit sleep

Healthy Kids need adequate sleep.  You can help them create a relaxing sleep environment, if necessary.  If you take action today, and demonstrate you are a caring, concerned parent this will mean much to your child.

We have articles on Help Sleeping Advice  and also Restful SLEEP  and Sound Sleeping Machines

Also having the right sleeping conditions just prior to Bedtime

what do kids need in college

We have an article on College Checklist for Girls .  You will want to be prepared, and do some research b4 you head off to college – so go to the appropriate college website for a swift check of the Guidelines.

Yet you also need to investigate what items to take to school with you (and make a List), and how much room you’ll have to work with – I’m saying find out what sq. footage your dorm room or apartment will have.

Also, communicate with your future roomie to knock heads together & find out what Large items or furnishings she might plan to bring – & discuss w/ her about what Square footage you will have to work with, etc.

Then you two can make an appropriate plan.  All will go smoothly…

sleep enhancing sounds

Sleeping Soundly – Sound Sleep Machines.  To sleep soundly there are many factors  (variables) which you have control over.  If you will be wise & eschew caffeine prior to bedtime, eliminate alcohol, & vigorous exercise  just prior to bed, you stand a much better chance to drift off to sleep (& not hv your sleep interrupted either).

READ Our Restful SLEEP  post & also our Help Sleeping Advice article

   For Baby Sleeping Habits & advice



glycemic index chart

Trying to Lose Weight – You Don’t Have to Go it Alone.   There are online support groups, you know.  And chat rooms if you need advice..


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