Causes of Sleeplessness:  Explore The Range of Reasons

There are of course, a whole range of different causes of sleeplessness affecting an enormous bunch of this planet’s population.

One of the most frustrating and soul-destroying of those causes is insomnia.

Before discovering how to cure insomnia naturally, without drugs, I had been an avid sufferer of this condition for several years, along with a large number of other miserable souls – I understand from first-hand experience that a 23 hour day is really a very long day, with nowhere near enough things to do to guard against going stark raving mad !

Then obviously, there’s that woolly headed zombie that an insomniac lives with throughout a normal day while everybody else is annoyingly  energetic – and I so like the permanent feeling of irritation with everything and everyone around me!

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Insomnia is in fact, a subject that could take this short article on and on – there’s a massive variety of detail regarding symptoms, cures, reasons and types for this particular disorder, but if you can answer these questions correctly, and then take corrective actions, you should see some fast improvements with your sleeping pattern.

1. What now? What do you do if you don’t fall asleep right away, or wake during the night and should not drift off again?

2. You’ve recently been sleeping badly – How do you feel when bedtime comes?

3. What are you thinking about while you’re lying there, awaiting sleep?

4. What’s your activity level like while struggling with lack of sleep?

5. Exactly how would you get ready for the night?

6. How do you make amends for not sleeping the previous night?

7. How would you rate your chances for consistent, easy sleep later on?


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