Healthy Kids and Family

Healthy Children

If you consider yourself to be a caring, concerned parent who thinks it’s in your child’s best interest to avoid developing

unhealthy habits

before they can take hold,  you may be interested in the following info.   You may want to find some creative method for spurring your teen, or your child’s interest in weight loss (for obese children is an epidemic in the United States), taking more vitamins, spending less time indoors and more outdoors getting  exercise and fresh air. Resource Links for Kids Unhealthy Habits (Vitamin D is essential):

Hope you find these resources helpful to you and your family   –  Jan Ashby


More Resources: (Free WEIGHT ANALYSIS) (healthy weight loss tips)

Do’s and Don’ts for Parents of Overweight Kids (Very Good Site) –

Website on Weight Loss Chart (Calorie Analysis), Cholesterol and Childhood, BMI, Fitness Guide,

Calories Burned Calculator, & Stopping Weight Gain (To See chart, SCROLL halfway down the page)

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