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why do childhood obesity continue to rise

We want our kids to be healthy always – to do this, be a role model (Dont overeat yourself, in front of the young kids) – we have a detailed, comprehensive sectIon on healthy eating.  Our Healthy EATING Guides .  Also Meal Prep


AND try to help support your teens or kids with Physical Education – go to the gym WITH them, for instance. (SEE Our Kids Workout section )

Harvesting HERBS

Harvesting HERBS is FUN

And how about making that garden together, and preparing food together?  Do you know HOW Much Fun harvesting your own herbs can be?  And most kids will love growing things, & learning about stuff.

*NOTE: There’s a distinct correlation between self esteem and childhood obesity – so put in the time w/ your kids!

SEE ALSO Our Section on KIDS WORKOUTS:   Kids Lifestyle: Kids Workout Routines


how does divorce affect toddler boys

How Divorce Affects Young children – Things to Consider  – A lot of people today who are excellent parents do not deal with an impending divorce, nor its aftermath, realistically or in the best interest of the child.  As a parent, you need to make a study of this topic, before endeavoring to speak to your kids about the divorce.

You need to GET Organized. The books (including workbooks) can help you do this.  You would be amazed, but the writing of something often REALLY Helps you to cement it in your head.  (it does for me)

There ARE some really good books to help you – at   And I’ve also recommended some of these on my site – I liked this one,   

for YOUNG Kids.

For teens, there’s a great workbook called ” Teens and Divorce:  The Divorce Workbook for Teens

It helps teens out, as they perform the activities in the workbook.

PARENTAL Agreement 


“Mom’s House, Dad’s House: Making Two Homes for Your Child” (Rated 5 Stars @AMZN).  It speaks of a “Parent Agreement” (which is probably a good idea), and of certain specific terminology to use in front of your kids during this transition.

Some families’ divorces are harder on kids – i.e., it depends on the family’s chemistry and how much may have been hidden by the parents.  When there are toddlers involved, parents may tend to hide the truth.

Reading the books will help you out.  I’ve a list in this article at my site, for your perusal.



acupuncture and kids

Kids and Acupuncture –  Studies have shown that there is a boost in the number of children who have been diagnosed with autism.  Premature babies have a higher risk.   Until now physicians have not discovered a remedy for this disease – which is sad to say the least.  Acupuncture is something which can potentially help the kids – SEE ARTICLE

gripe water dosage for infants    

Gripe Water For Newborns – Gripe water for newborns is a cure which gives an instant relief of wind and gripe. In fact, Gripe water for newborns was initially developed in England in and employed by baby sitters frequently.

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