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Fun Yoga Exercises for Kids


has been around for centuries. It was supplied to us by the Hindi group whose aim is to help people relieve their suffering. Even children can benefit from this discipline – it is termed

kids yoga

More may be found here (yoga for beginners).

Yoga assists by soothing the mind and body through a system of strategies intended to help one cope. The overall idea is to bring balance — to calm the mind and heal the physical, by assisting a person in delving deep within his/her soul to find their spirituality.

Meditation: Yoga

Some strategies used in yoga are chanting, and meditation. This can bring individuals true peace of mind. You can clear your chakras to balance the mind, body and spirit.

To help you de-stress, here’s an idea – it’s a mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Workbook (Rated 4 1/2 of 5 Stars at AMZN) :


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Through the combining of meditation & yoga, zen may be achieved, with much practice. However, no step should be skipped.

Many programs offering yoga specialize in helping obese souls lose weight, as well as helping people to fight aging. Natural weight loss programs, massage therapy, natural diet and exercise are all utilized in order to bring relief . Here is a very good yoga for beginners program

If you are concerned with weight loss, you may realize that advertised potions,serums, and pills offer minimal benefits. The effects are not lasting. Yoga, on the other hand, truly can help you achieve weight loss and relaxation through natural methods.

Your health is your responsibility. And you will likely find yourself enjoying yoga, whether it is for the relaxation or the exercise.

Today’s society holds many stressors: due to this, every day people struggle with symptoms – mental/emotional symptoms, physical symptoms, and behavioral symptoms (all related to stress)

When stress begins, there are always early warning signs; however, often people do not see the symptoms, or they are in denial. As stress escalates, people frequently find it difficult to cope. People obsess, and turn to sex, drugs, and crime – when they could be practicing yoga and meditation!

We all need help from time to time; relief can be found through yoga and meditation.

Practice Meditation: Mindfulness is an Important Aspect

Through the practice of mindfulness meditation, we can reach a state of peacefulness. Mental calmness, and a state of DEEP relaxation, can come about from doing this form of meditation.

Here are 6 important components of mindfulness meditation:

  1. Meditation Duration – This should be 15 – 20 minutes, to begin with. You can add more sessions into your day later on, or extend the session as you deem necessary.
  2. Meditation Posture – Sitting cross legged is a commonly used position. However, the main thing is to keep your back straight, and your feet firmly grounded when you practice mindfulness meditation. You want the energy (chi) to flow within the body.
  3. Environment – Select a place which is relatively calm, and noise-free, for your 15 minutes of meditation. You should not be interrupted; this is essential, so that you’ll be able to enter a deep meditative state.
  4. Take one moment at a time – Experience each sensation, as it happens in your body. This will help you be in the present moment. And remember to keep your spine erect, and maintain your posture. This helps to keep your energy correct.
  5. Mindfulness – There’s 2 ways to practice – with your eyes shut, or with a downward focused gaze in the area in front of the nose. You want to keep your gaze fixed at a low level, since this will minimize the chance of becoming distracted by something.
  6. Use Your Breathing as an Agent to Help You – By focusing on your breathing, this will certainly aid you in maintaining focus; also, it helps you to get more and more relaxed. When you find your mind beginning to stray, you want to BRING IT GENTLY BACK to an awareness of your breathing. You will ultimately find this method quite comforting.

We all need to be on the lookout for the early warning signs of stress. By using meditation & yoga practices, you can relieve your stress, and you will find it is something to look forward to during a hectic week.

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