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teen weight problems

Right now, there is a good book at Amazon on teen wt. loss & diets – It is just 99 cents (a Kindle book) and it’s FREE if you have Prime at Amzn.

Teen Weight Loss 101: Superior Weight Loss Advice for Teens

It truly is a helpful guide for parents & guardians – it has good reviews and you can sense it is written with MUCH love and concern for teenagers – hey, as an ex-driving instructor, I spend a lot of time with teens – I think you should go check what this book has to offer (5 STARS by 6 reviewers)

yoga mat

Enjoyable Yoga Workouts for YoungstersAn article on the development of Yoga & why it’s been around for centuries.  It was supplied to us by the Hindi group whose aim …

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Yoga Exercises for Kids  & Their Families:   YOGA FOR KIDS (Beginners Poses)  and YOGA FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY – a PDF


DETOX Your Body – Article/post on the subj. of Detoxing



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