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healthy eating guide

For our Extensive Healthy Eating guides, please visit us at our Healthy Eating guides page

Preschooler Homeschooling Field Trips –  Field trips can be on a grand scale (trip to another state, for instance, or to the state capitol with other Homeschoolers) or they can be on a more intimate level – just you & your child.  To make it a provocative LEARNING experience, there are certain steps you can take – Make it more challenging if you’ve a child who is advanced, or is READY for more advanced learning.



fix eyesight naturally exercises

Natural vision improvement has been around for a long time .  Some people (parents) are not aware there are things one can do (preventatively) for your child’s vision – for example, there are physical exercises for your kids to do to strengthen the muscles in their eyes.

And things you can do nutritionally, as well.   Here is an article pertaining to this exact thing

Those with a family history of eye problems should see the doctor, of course – and “high risk” newborns should as well. After age 5,  routine screenings should happen as a matter of course.  If you are homeschoolers, be sure to schedule this, since your child won’t be able to participate at school.

If children exhibit symptoms such as squinting, or frequent headaches, get them to the doc.

Here’s a  post from  about Eye and Vision FACTS & Myths


why getting loads tonsil stone

Do you want to know what your options are for treating tonsil stones naturally, and finally get rid of this nasty and horrible condition?  The problem with tonsil stones is that the symptoms can get  (VISIT Our Page


Topic:   Having Quality FAMILY Time

how to improve quality family time

It is inherently good to take Time to Plan for Quality Family Time.   At the dinner table (or Mealtime) is good, but so are family outings important;  and if you’ll allow your children to select some activites they wish to do with you, or with the family as a whole, it is something your child will remember for a long time to come.


sleep machine review

Sleeping Soundly-  Here at HealthyKids, we have a slew of articles on Sleep – for toddlers,  baby rest, Infant sleep difficulties Newborns & Crying , and also some SLEEP articles for Teens/adults.   My toddler article covers kids beds, and how giving your toddler a special bed (so he can Feel special) could assist with the sleep situation.   My Baby Sleep Requirements covers 1 month old, 2 month old & 3 Month old babies.

Here is one on Infant Sleep: Develop Good Sleep Associations

And here is Strategies for a More perfect Rest   and  GRIPE WATER FOR Newborns

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