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    Baby Sound Machine

Sleeping Soundly: Read about Getting a Good Sound Sleep – after all, there are  quite a few factors involved – more than you may imagine, from things such as distractions, to ensuring you get enough sleep at night & that your bedroom is a place of sanctuary (things to relax one, like aromatherapy are important, as are white noise machines or relaxing music – plus the correct pillow for your head) and eschewing  alcohol before bedtime (example 1 hour before), &  not doing vigorous physical exercise too close to bedtime.

Then, too, if you go on vacation you may want to take certain things along in order to “recreate” your bedroom – or as close to resembling the atmosphere in your bedroom as you can.  You may want to buy some expensive headphones, or noise blockers, to have with you when you travel.


Youngsters Safety Suggestions – Summer Safety For Children,  Bicycle Safety for Kids; Pool Safety & Park Safety.

toddlers and playing

Rock Climbing Safety (Scroll To 3rdParagraph please) – the one called

“Rock Climbing Safety Tips: Encourage Your Kids But Be Safety Conscious”



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