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Crying Newborns

Communication – is this why a baby cries?  This sweet thing that suddenly turns into a fit of tears really just wants your attention.  The important thing is to know when to respond, and when to simply let the child alone.


It will take time, and observation on your part.  You must get to know your baby. You will develop a

motherly instinct

for what to do when;  if you are keenly observant (and really aware of sound), you’ll be well able to discern the unique (and different) chords, or sounds, when your

baby cries

When does a crying infant do most of his crying?  It occurs during his first three months of life. Though the amount of crying steadily increases, the time period during which it occurs can vary from sixty minutes to the entire day; this may still be relatively normal.  After all, babies are also known as howling tear factories.

Some think that a baby cries more during the afternoon, chalking it up to the anxiousness of the mother or the father after coming home from work.  Currently, the most accepted assumption is that infants have a unique ability to shut out all the noise which could  stimulate them, so they can achieve a restful sleep.

Eventually, this filter weakens and disappears entirely (approximately six weeks later).   Then, the baby may become very sensitive to external factors such as noise, movements, etc.  This may then cause crying.  As a new parent, you’ll need to be aware of this.

You can learn baby sign language, of course, to begin communicating with your infant:  if interested visit  Baby Signing

The reasons a baby cries are many and varied. Uncovering these is part of your job, as a new parent. I realize this is a challenge; yet it is one you must surmount. Here are some of the things your bundle of joy is conveying through crying:

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Hunger.  High on the list. Your infant is wanting to let you know that he is hungry! This is the most common reason for a crying baby, especially, during his early months.  The pattern of this cry could be characterized as being persistent, demanding and almost rhythmical. But that rhythm is not at any rate close to becoming musical, of course.

BoredomWhat can I say? Aren’t these babies just plain spoiled? Crying because of boredom, errr, I’d find that a bit more twisted if an adult is doing it.  But babies are really built like this.

Crying is their way of saying, “Hey get me a life here!”  Aside from attention and food,  babies need a lot of stimulationThey need their five senses to be fed.  After all, they are just awakening to the world.   If they don’t receive what they need, you get an outburst.

The trick is to pick the baby up and play with him.  Perhaps tickle him. This move may be frowned upon by some because of it being tantamount to spoiling the baby.  Yet it is significant to know that stimulation is certainly a necessity of young infants.  *Note:  This “boredom cry” is said to be rhythmical, with lots of sobbing and moans.


Discomfort.  Pain is another precursor of the baby’s crying. Who won’t cry when in pain, right? Babies are not wont to endure the most excruciating discomfort they could undergo. They are tiny, vulnerable human beings that need to be looked after and attended to when injured, or when in an uncomfortable or confusing situation. This particular cry can be classified as being more persistent; it’s also louder and more demanding. (Shrieking and screaming may be a better description)

Another cause may be disturbance; oftentimes, howling will proceed just as they’re about to fall sleep or are already fast asleep, and suddenly get surprised by some noise, or movement. An illness could be causing the discomfort to a baby – colic, for instance.  If your newborn is hiccuping or colicky, you may want to get some advice from other mothers – here’s one mom’s take on Gripe Water for Newborns

All of the above tips  should be taken into consideration, and you may have to consult with your baby’s doctor on the subject of newborns and crying.  Better to be safe, in any event.  And it will serve to put your mind at ease, as well.

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