Baby Cries:  Why is Baby Crying?

By Jan Ashby


Babies are little angels. They are God’s gift to parents. That is why you should really take excellent care of them, while they are still young and helpless.  Scientifically, a baby’s survival strongly depends on their ability to trap their parent’s attention. They’re helpless little creatures that couldn’t do anything whatsoever on their behalf. They’re strongly dependent on their parents for survival; that is why we as parents should focus on their demands.  If you’re angry since your baby is crying, something is really wrong with you.  How could you be upset on the baby crying when that is natural and the infant is only asking for your attention, for your help.  Adjust yourself,  as  having these issues  is not a good sign.

You need to understand that babies cry for a reason. They cry because they need your attention, they require you to assist them to on something. There are several reasons why the baby cries and all of these can’t be resolved by just trusting on themselves.

They’re not able to move, can’t talk and can’t do anything at all except cry. That is why during the early periods, you’d hear nothing but crying but later on, she’d be sufficiently strong to crawl around and complete some things on her own – needing only a little help, or guidance.  IMPORTANT POINT:   Don’t let yourself be angry whenever your

baby cries

.. but rather know why the

baby cries        


Here are a few of the reasons why the baby cries:

1. Hurting – maybe something is physically wrong with her,  or maybe she is in pain. This ought to be the first one that you should determine. Take her to the pediatrician immediately.
2. Hungry – this is actually the most typical reason why the baby cries. Try determining the last time you fed her or give her a bottle of milk, and see how she reacts. If she’s hungry, she’d feed on the bottle.
3. Soiled diapers – look into the diapers, maybe it’s too wet or it is soiled.  Replace them immediately.
4. Sleepy or tired – more often than not, when the infant is tired, she needs you to carry her and rock her a little to assist her in drifting off.
5. Needs attention – sometimes the infant just needs your attention. A great old cuddling and hugging will be sufficient or sometimes they wanted to play with you, stop babies crying the best thing to do is take a seat with them and check out playing around with them.

In trying to figure out why is baby crying, look on it as a game – a puzzle (so your outlook is “fun”).

Do not be angry when the infant cries.  It becomes an opportunity for you and your baby to become more strongly bonded with one another. Instead of depriving her relationship, nurture her needs.

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for this. Know the explanation for the crying and you will be successful in becoming a provider along with being a parent. They rely on you and afterward, the more you nurture them, the stronger they get when they grow up.  They’ll be sufficiently strong to face any challenges the planet throws at them, without flinching.

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