Child Safety in The Nursery: Storage and More



Congratulations! Whether you’re a new parent, expecting, or just planning for a future arrival, having a baby is an amazing experience.  We’ve put together a little guide to help you design the all-important nursery. Probably the most important item is the crib.  It’s best to go for something with bars to keep your child safe – they can see out of it whilst still being secure. A great tip is to paint the crib to match your color scheme, making it more stimulating for your baby.

Storage is also vital in nurseries. You need a decent amount of it – babies come with a lot of stuff – and if you buy good pieces then your child will get years of use out of them. Go for a good chest of drawers for storing clothes and toys to keep things organized and get a good, sturdy changing table with built-in cupboards. These are great for storing essentials.  You could paint all the wood to match to keep within the theme of your color scheme.

It’s important to keep dangerous items out of the reach of little children, but it’s also important to make sure they’re stimulated.  For modern nursery ideas –


Every frazzled parent knows it’s a good idea to have somewhere to sit in your child’s nursery for those nights when they just won’t go to sleep. You can build a comfortable armchair into the design of your nursery, so you can be both stylish and practical. Also, good armchairs will last ages, so perhaps go for a neutral color such as blue. Not only is this a calming color, but it will match with almost anything, making your armchair a great practical investment.

It’s clear that babies and small children like to be kept interested and color is a great way of doing this. Choose different, complementary colors to break things up, or, if you want the walls all one color, try painting the wood a different color for a great stylish accent. This helps keep things bright and interesting. A quirky nursery mural painted on the wall is also a great option. Some thought on the color scheme now means you won’t have to redecorate for years, giving you vital parent-child bonding time.


Modern Nursery Ideas (Themes/Furniture)

It is a nice idea to “go green” for some of your baby furnishings – that is, go for something which isn’t made in a factory.  I found a neat place online that features all natural baby products (mostly – exception of diapers), bath and skin-care products which are organic, bath pads, and neck supports for infant car seats.  *NOTE:  I dont make a commission, just wanted to recommend it to you, as these are products that are still MADE in the USA.


Re-modeling Your Little Girl’s Room at 1 Year

At 1 year to 2 years of age, your baby has learned to walk, & is interested in exploring objects that fascinate her.  Things which peak her interest.  Thus, an appropriate design for your little girl’s room would be one which encourages curiosity, and that will help her learn about patterns.

Soft Blocks for Baby - Jingle Noises and Satin tagsSOFT BLOCKS

So, it is a good idea to hang paintings with geometric shapes and patterns.  Your daughter is now learning to focus her gaze on objects that are farther away (long distance) – so make sure there are interesting objects to look at across the room from the bed.

And so that your youngster can come to understand that the world is made up of different things & different materials, make some collages to hang on the wall that contain a variety of fabrics she can touch (silk,burlap, jean material, corduroy, etc.)

Of course, the room shouldn’t have too much stimuli – it should be a welcoming environment for your little girl.  Also, it’s probably BEST to lay down wood or pergo laminate flooring, and have an area rug for the child to sit & play on.  This is for easy cleaning – so that you can keep your child’s room free of bacteria !

Where to Put the Furniture?

Naturally, you’ll want to put the furniture (dresser drawers) close to the baby’s crib or bed; the supplies, and changing table, should be by the bed. 

As far as toys, you can pick out some blocks & other vividly colored toys here .   Or read our post on toy kitchen sets .

For storage for the toys, it’s a good idea to have a sturdy plastic bin for them – ONE without a lid which can shut on little fingers preferably.

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