Scrap Booking 101

Scrap Booking: A Fun & Creative Way to Re-invigorate Family Memories

The holidays have often been a time for family, for friends, for reminiscing and making new memories. A perfect gift for Christmas, Mother’s Day, birthdays, or any other holiday is the gift of those memories.  Each and every family has a treasure trove of photos and other memorabilia stashed away in boxes, drawers and old albums which are falling apart.

Scrap Booking: The Fun is in The Creating

Scrap booking is really a method to organize all those pictures, postcards, programs, menus, matchbooks, pressed corsages and other pieces of family history into a lovely album that can be looked at and treasured for years to come. Bringing all those things together in an album typically comes to mean  as much to those who create the gift as it does the recipient.

Scrapbooks are an extremely warm, personal, and sentimental gift. They can light up any holiday celebration.  Once the gift has been opened, you’ll find everyone spending hours going through the book – and remembering all of the wonderful times.

Photos that bring back memories of weddings and birthday parties, the program from your daughters very first ballet recital, the matchbook from the restaurant where you and your future husband had your very first dinner.   All these things are to be cherished.

Scrap Booking Tool:  Cricut Expression Machine

Putting together an album has come a long way from the days of  slipping the pictures under a plastic sheet or, for those of us old enough to remember, sliding the edges of the pictures into the small black paper corners.  Modern scrap booking is an art form.

Creating scrapbooks doesn’t take any unique skills. With a little patience (along with the proper tools), like the Cricut Imagine Machine, you can construct a scrapbook that you would be proud to give as a gift.

Scrap Book Creation:  Make it a Family Affair

With attractive decorative papers, stamps, unique scissors, and other cutting tools for decorative edges and designs,  you’re ready to go.  Scrap booking is a joy; the entire family can partake.   Even a young child can enjoy helping. Just the memories alone make it worthwhile.

You will discover websites that will walk you through the basics; & you can find community classes for scrap booking.  Also, you’ll find people through your local paper,  or on the internet, who will be glad to help you.

Another option is to gather all of the photos together, put them in some semblance of order, and take them to a place which will put it all onto a video tape or DVD, unless of course you’re lucky enough to have the knowledge and skill to do so yourself. This also has the benefit of keeping your pictures safe from deterioration.

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