Home Schooling Choice:  Is it Viable?

Here are some facts:

  1. Home schooling is a rather recent development. Not long ago, it was only available to the wealthy among us. Now, it is a choice for all, as it’s been legalized in all 50 states in the U.S.
  2. 3.4 % of U.S. students are home schooled, as per Wikipedia article
  3. Over 1 million students have opted to be home schooled, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

Home schooling has its appeal.  Independence from government is appealing to many; many people, parents included, like to live their lives free from government – or at least live with “less government”

Home Schooled Kids – Considerations

Thus, it’s not surprising many consider home schooling.  What should you take into consideration, in making your important decision:

  • Will my child be safer at home?
  • Will my child be able to learn at a higher level?
  • Will we have greater choice, as to studies?
  • Can I become accredited as a Teacher?
  • What are all the Home Schooling requirements?
  • Home  Schooling organization of the Classroom

And  what do you think prompted such the change?  Well, probably parents across the nation are noticing that high schoolers are graduating with fewer abilities — & parents are fed up with this !  And I’m sure people also feel that kids are not being taught enough “real life skills” in High School – while they might be exposed to “Marriage & Family” courses, they could be exposed to more on Finance, or small business & entrepreneurship, for example.

Also there’s just way too much violence and negative peer pressure – and bullying – than your child necessarily NEEDS to experience.

Further Considerations:  Drugs and Sex

Not to mention drugs and sex.   Taking a look at this article, you’ll see the percentage chance of your daughter  becoming pregnant.

In the U.S., teen girls are 10 times more likely to get pregnant than in Switzerland (did you know that?) – this is a fact taken from dosomething.org.

Remember, if she does, she’ll be dropping out of school.  So you may as well get involved with her life/education now as later (Food for thought).

Home schooling will give you the  opportunity to bring your children up in a setting which is full of love and learning, and EXPANSION – oftentimes, in public school, kids are controlled (and “contained”) as the teacher merely tries to get the classroom, as a whole, under control – this is due to the Class size being too large, or is due to an urban setting with gang influence, e.g.

So, there is not much room for discussion of ideas – too frequently, the teacher is just “getting thru the day” !

Here are some more Home Schooling issues:

  1. Portfolios
  2. Home School Socialization
  3. Record Keeping
  4. LESSON Plans
  5. Home School Organization
  6. Setting up desks/Classroom
  7. Homeschooling Field Trips
  8. Homeschool Curriculum
  9. Homeschooling:  Scheduling
  10. Homeschooling a Preschooler
And visit “How to Make Lesson Plans” at Wikihow.com, as well as Making a Lesson Plan from Teach-nology. About.com  has some useful advice too  – http://homeschooling.about.com/cs/learning/p/coursek.htm

Another boon you may not have thought of with home schooling is the fact that  you & your kids can form a more highly developed bond.  You’ll be spending FAR more time together, after all.  Imagine this:  Your bond will grow stronger (and More Intense) as time passes .

College and Home Schooled Children: Results

Home Schooling Officials Make it Official: The HSLDA Says “Homeschooled Kids Do Better in College .” 

Parents can take the reins, & exude control over their kids’ religious beliefs possibly.  A good example of this is today in america, a number of muslim students are choosing home  schooling.

Home School Education: Large Time Commitment

Many parents want to do home schooling, yet hesitate.  Why?  Because then the entire family would have to depend on one parent’s income.  Another reason for hesitation could be because the  parent has to be very responsible & be willing to devote full time to their childrens’ studies. 

So be sure you’re ready BEFORE you undertake it.  Gather lots of books & resources to DO Your OWN study on Home schooling, to determine if you really are up to the task.

Just remember, there are support groups.  And, as I mentioned earlier in this article, nowadays (in certain towns & communities) you can participate in “Co-op Teaching”.  This is  where you focus on teaching the larger Co-op group Science, or some specific subject & another parent prepares a  special class, or presentation, on another subject


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