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Hmmm… I can’t decide what to talk about…

The health benefits of blueberriesThe challenge to get kids to eat saladOr the awesome stackable cookie cutters I just bought!?!?

kidsplate with blueberry salad OK..The challenge:

My kids used to not eat salad at all! In fact, I would serve them salad for years, only to have them take one bite just because they had to.  But I didn’t stop. For years and years, I didn’t stop!  Until one day, they just started eating salad.  You know how they say it takes 8-10 exposures to a new food for kid to try it?  Try 8-10 YEARS!  Yes, I must have stubborn kids!   The other day when we went to Moab… we went to Pizza Hut for dinner.  I got the salad bar.  Erica kept snagging lettuce leaves off my plate every time I turned away!  Now that’s success!  It doesn’t bother me that it took so long!

The bottom line is.. don’t be frustrated.  Don’t make it a big deal, and be patient!!   The most important thing you can do is to continue to make vegetables the star of every meal!

9 cups mixed greens1 cup fresh or thawed blueberries (I don’t buy these fresh very often… but they thaw very nicely)2 TBL sunflower kernels


4 TBL Canola Oil2 TBL Sugar3 TBL cider vinegar1 TBL Orange juice1/2 tsp ground mustard1/4 tsp salt

blueberry salad for kids

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