princess smoothie pops

From the excellent blog (I love this blog’s recipes) :

I’ve long been a fan of using smoothies to get a serving or two of fruits or vegetables!  Kids especially love smoothies.  Why wouldn’t they? It’s like drinking a milkshake, but better!

While my kids have no qualms about drinking fruit and vegetable smoothies, we decided to mix it up a bit and turn our smoothie into Pink and Purple Princess Popsicles.

We used:

Yoplait Blueberry Pomegranate Frozen smoothie kit.  All we added was milk and blended it. Then we put one spoonful of the purple smoothie into a small bathroom cup.  I placed the cups in a muffin tin to keep them stable. We Froze the smoothie in the cup only for an hour. Then I put plastic stirrer’s into the partially frozen popsicle. Then we poured a layer of juice, froze it again. Then we topped it off with Strawberry Banana smoothie. Froze again!

princess pops


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