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newborn sleep

Newborn Sleep What’s To Know What’s Most Substantial Newborns acclimate on their own to sleeping for the duration of the night and remaining awake throughout the day as they develop Amongst items to know about

kids martial arts

Hone In – A Closer Look At Martial Arts Belts –  Does Your Child Like to Kick High, and do tae kwon do?

KIDS LIFESTYLE:  Types of Martial Arts are looked at here.   There are a wide variety of martial arts, of course, to choose from.  To determine which style is the best, your kids must take a close look & really thoroughly examine the attributes, and characteristics, of each…

kids habits

At this time I have an intriguing video to share with parents – 7 Habits of Healthy Kids by Sean Covey .  This video is regarding the book authored by the son of Steven Covey,  famed author of 7 Habits ..


www flickr com photos – Author Danique Hoofwijk .  Crying Newborns & Communication – is this why a baby cries?  This sweet infant that suddenly has a fit….

unhealthy kids habits


Here’s some news on Frequent Poor Habits in Children.  Please Bear in mind that when dealing with extremely young children,  like toddlers, certain guidelines need to be followed.   For more info..

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