Posture Exercises: Did You Know Bad Posture Truly Can Adversely Affect Your Health?

Posture bad or posture good? Posture can be a good thing, and have a positive impact on your life. You convey an attitude, with your posture.  Did you know that?

I vividly remember an extremely positive individual from my first job experience.  His name is not so important; what stood out was his walk and the way he carried himself – perfect posture in everything he did.  He was confident.  The way he sat – shoulders back, not slouched over at any time.

Okay, now let’s examine posture as something other than sitting properly, or standing tall, or walking confidently and correctly.

Yoga girl


Let’s approach it this way: if you tend to be in the norm, you’ve tried  more than once to alter your physical appearance (posture) via exercise workouts and/or a healthy diet. In a nutshell, you were trying hard to alter your appearance.

Yet how long were you able to stay with it? And in the end, were you a success?  That is, as soon as you went about your day (went to work etc), or sat down in front of the tube, did you fall back into your usual routine and begin to slouch?

The problem generally is that people find exercising to be a boring activity.  While exercise has its place, we feel we’d rather be enjoying doing something else, or eating something.  Nonetheless, we search for the miracle diet, or the perfect posture exercises that can improve the way we look.

Let me ask you something. Have you ever really tried to stand tall, with your stomach tucked in, head held high?

In other words, in an effort to look like a model have you ever attempted to create an illusion of a new body through  ‘good posture’?   And were you able to keep it up?  A Posture Corrective Brace could be helpful to you, if you’d want to consider this review .

It’s a shame that with all of our efforts to exercise, improve our diets, and create a better posture, very few of us are able to sustain it. As soon as we take our minds off the program, we go right back to the same habits as before – to what is comfortable.


Posture is About Your Relationship With Your Body

We need to understand that true posture is not about your shape . . . rather, it’s about you and your relationship with your own body.

Indeed, posture is more than merely reorganizing your body parts. Good posture is the coordination and understanding of the relationship between you and your body.

A beautiful building with a crumbling foundation will soon lose its lovely shape. Our bodies are no different. If we want a beautiful body, our inner framework has to be secure.  It must not falter.

Listen To Your Body When It Gives You Feedback

Unfortunately,  many individuals are lacking in their knowledge of their own bodies. Yes, they simply don’t realize what it is their body needs, what it doesn’t need, what it was built to do, and so on. Their body gives them feedback, but still they don’t know how to listen to what their body is saying.  You might say they do not know how to be ‘as one with their body’.

This is why they turn toward exercise in an effort to bring their body into submission.

They have never learned how to use gravity to stand taller, or how they can use their jaw muscles to improve posture, or how to bend without straining their spines, or how to stride confidently and effortlessly.

While we may realize how hard it can be to break an unwanted habit, we falter when it comes to executing this.  However, when we finally identify the habit as being unwanted and take on the will to change the habit, it becomes much easier to break.

It is not the right path to simply beat our bodies into submission.  We must be attuned to our bodies, and listen.


Posture Corrective Brace

Nicol – In the running for Malta’s super-model contest

A yoga-like polaroid shot with Nicol, one of the contestants in Malta’s Super-Model race.


And when we learn how our bodies truly function, we can  stand tall with ease, breathing deeper.  We can decompress after a long day and allow our muscles to relax; we can sit properly in our chair, and finally unlock the key to the door to great posture.

So posture bad or posture good?

Posture can be a tremendous negative in your life. Posture can also be a tremendous positive in your life.  The choice is yours.

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