An Introduction To Capoeira

– Where and When Did it Begin?

Over 400 years ago, there was a unique

brazilian martial arts

form which came about – created by African slaves in Brazil, it’s unlike any of the martial arts.  It utilizes mental balance, physical power, music, beauty, and an overwhelming sense of art & finesse – it is a blend of these components.

Can Anyone Do Capoeira?

The simple answer is “yes“.  It has been shown that it can be a martial art for anyone and everyone.  This is irrespective of a person’s size, age, or weight.  You may truly be interested in this one-of-a-kind martial art.  It is like a social event that people come together to do.  It is like a game; rich in tradition and history, Capoeira has shown the world that it indeed can be utilized by all.  Its style is powerful, and it is quite popular (google it and you’ll see).

It joins together the following elements:

capoeira dance

, music, amusement, and exotic movements (be sure to see the incredible Videos I list at end of article).  To its observers, Capoeira is striking due to its musical element.  Actually, both lyrics and music play a major role in the way the game is conducted — known as jogo, it is comprised of several different rhythms that call for different speeds.  The “jogo” is made up of a circle with players being in the middle and  the musicians at the foot of the circle.

Players that enter the game will enter into the circle, with a spring, cartwheel, or other type of visually stunning movement.  Upon entering the circle, players will compete back and forth with various combinations of poetic movements and breathtaking aerial displays.  It takes years of practice and hard work to become great at the jogo, as it requires precision and lightning quick movement – these together with flawless application of the Capoeira techniques.

Now, as to the defense aspect –  Capoeira is flashy and breathtaking, and quite useful to the practicioner, as the Capoeira techniques seem to come out of nowhere.  This can make it extremely difficult to defend against.

The opponent or attacker has no clue what to expect from the student.  The Capoeira student defends himself through the use of dancing movements and acrobatic techniques, executing to perfection all the movements that make up  Capoeira.

Capoeira and the jogo game are really big in Brazil, with hundreds of students learning the martial art.  Now, it isn’t one of the most asked for at martial arts schools here in the United States — though it is offered.  In South America it is more of a lifestyle, with jogo games being so dominant that they are played on a daily basis.  A lot of martial arts students are not interested in learning Capoeira for the  fact that the movements can be a bit of a risk.  When you see firsthand how the style is performed, it may bring you exhilaration —  or it may cause you to cringe at any second.

Note: this martial art form has expanded in popularity in the past few decades.  You may want to watch a video on it to see it in action.  It is quite fascinating.  Recently it became accepted as a national sport in Brazil; it is apparently #2 (second) after soccer.

Resources on Capoeira Dancing/Brazilian Dancing &  Muay Thai:

Videos on Capoeira Dancing (Brazilian Dancing) & Martial Arts Dancing (Note that the 2nd one had 15 million views – sexy performance & the last one is most intense) –

Touted as “Best Video” on Capoeira –

Authentic – Brazilian Dancing

Saved Best for Last – OMG – Muay Thai vs Capoeira (Fire and Water)

Footnote:    The final video is intense – two men going at it, rapid fire pace

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