Obesity in Men, Obesity in Women

There is a problem in America – Obesity in men and obesity in women.  Because of new technologies, people become lazy – not totally because they would like to – but because of their understanding of comfort and ease that can be supplied by modern devices, mechanisms, and equipment… And the more people become comfortable with these assistive devices, the more important they become in their lives (since there is no active lifestyle happening within their lives)..

Rather than visiting the ball park and playing basketball, they stay at home and play NBA 2k11 on their Xbox 360 console. Instead of walking to work on an active street, they ride. Even walking on campus can also be replaced by riding on Segways. As you can see, technology is spoiling mankind, & this results in them becoming inactive and lazy. And if you are inactive, you will store fats, and you will become obese.

However, this doesn’t mean that we embrace never using technology again. Technology is our biggest ally, and we could not now live without it. But what we would suggest is exercise in your spare time. It doesn’t have to be complicated and stuff. Just a couple repeated movements in the comfort of your home will be sufficient.



Obesity in Women: Are You Shy To Exercise in Public?

You don’t always have to go to a health club, you can do best exercise at home (an example of this  is the lower back exercise). There are various kinds of exercise available.  However, you should know which sort of exercise will suit the particular body part that you’re toning down, or beefing up. Knowing this will enable you to put in more effective workouts, with much happier results.

For lower back exercises in particular, there are many methods to choose from; all have their own efficiency and particular areas of the body that they address.  Here are some of the most common exercises for your lower back:

1. Hip rolling
2. Knee to chest
3. Pelvic lift
4. Hamstring stretch
5. Pelvic tilt
6. Press up
7. Arm lifts
8. Leg lift
9. Chair stretch
10.Side stretch

It is crucial for a person to exercise his back – whether you are a man or a woman. This is where you get support for your whole body. When you strengthen your back, all things in your daily routine will become easier.  These exercises are difficult only in the beginning.  Don’t worry if you aren’t immediately able to function to the level you had first desired.  It will come in time.

These different lower back exercises not only build muscle, it may also help you to lose weight. It will strengthen your back and you’ll eventually move on to much larger weights if you want to continue (or if you would like your body to become much bigger and your muscles more accentuated, you may wish to check out HIP HOP Abs Workout Routine here –> HIP HOP ABS Review
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