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Crying Newborns and CommunicationDo you know the reason why an infant cries..?   This sweet thing that suddenly turns into a raging, crying, demanding person?  It might help you to read my HealthyKids article on baby cries, or baby sleeping habits.

We have an entire section – actually 4 sections on Infants:

  1. Infant Health
  2. Infant Crying
  3. Baby Illness
  4. Baby SLEEPING Habits

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When your newborn cries, of course you are concerned.  Yet you don’t necessarily want to react to every little cry or coo.  It’s best to “pick your spots”, so your infant won’t become too dependent on you and so that you’ll be able to get some much needed rest from time to time.

(Once you’ve ruled out illness, that is.  It”s of course better to be safe, in that regard. )

Here is a comforting and helpful article pertaining to Newborns and Sleep.   I’d also like to give you a detailed overview of Newborns & Crying.    This can help new moms who haven’t much experience, or simply want a refresher of sorts.

Toddler Sleep Solution

Toddler Sleep Solution

ALSO:  if you’ve any toddlers with Sleep Issues, we have a section on that too.  Enjoy !

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