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Practicing Yoga  – Over the years numerous studies have shown that physical exercise can alleviate anxiety and depression .  It is not the only method; meditation is another way, and can go hand in hand with yoga ..

healthy eating guide: eating healthy during pregnancy

A good place to start with Healthful Eating can be with the oils you use on your salads, and to cook your own meals (even for baking).   Healthy Eating Guide – If you just dont know where to begin, why not start with  Olive Oil – an oil that is good for your heart .. 

Olive Oil is best used in its natural form – drizzled over salads, for instance.   Another very healthy oil is avocado oil – also great for salad(s).   And there is walnut oil, as well.  Some of these oils are quite tasty on fish dishes..  (I love fish)

healthy eating guide eating healthy during pregnancy

Healthy Consuming Guide:   Eating Healthy – In the course of Pregnancy, you need to make some improvements to your diet – why not check my “healthy eating during pregnancy” article?

eating healthy during pregnancy

Healthy Eating Guide – Full List of Our Healthy Eating Guides — With the proper mindset and encouragement from your family, you truly can get on a healthier path and hopefully extend your life span.

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