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facts about nutrition labels

Nutrition Labels Why Are Nutrition Labels Significant? It is worthwhile to spend a bit of time reading the labels, so you can check for extra salt/sugar added in, & to check cholestrol & saturated fats.  There is Substantial important information located on these labels.  However, be forewarned that even when the label claims “0 grams trans fat”, if the label lists partially hydrogenated oil, this is suspect.

constipation eating

Kids need fiber too.  *See the above reference (Click the Link) to go to a really good article about what a young child should probably have in their weekly diet.  *The earlier you get your kids onto good habits/healthful diet, the better it will be for them.

diet for kids

Healthy Children:   Healthy Eating Guides that can help form good eating habits, plus here is a real good book on

gluten-free diet (for Kids) –> Wheat Free, Gluten-Free Eating For Kids


Healthy Eating Guides:  It is critical to investigate your own personal situation & develop a plan. Don’t be shy; there are so many online programs with supportive members & great support via email these days !

Our Healthy Eating guides really are quite extensive.  You could get lost in that section of our website (Ha!)

Physical Exercise:

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