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What to Bring to College: Some Ideas for Packing for College

Today I have both some good videos on

packing for college

and some enlightening blog posts with good “authority”. I will mix in something humorous, too. One of the videos talks about what not to bring, lest you embarass yourself.

Also, this is a unique opportunity for independence, to get to know yourself; to learn what you’re like away from home – so why bring all the things from home? You may learn things you just never knew about yourself !

First, a printable

College Checklist

Second, here’s a blog with a good comprehensive list on

what to bring to college.

**Noteworthy: It also includes a list of What to Leave at Home .   For your perusal:


Bear in mind this List tells you of “things you cannot live without” such as refrigerator

Koolatron Mini Frig-KWCXJ6 Coca-Cola 9-Can-Capacity-B001VKY8GU

Koolatron 9 Can Capacity Mini-frig

, microwave & Netflix Membership (ha).  Then it also details really essential “everyday living” things such as Laundry Basket, laundry soap, stain remover, shower shoes, shower caddy e.g.

Now for some video – Here’s a Video based on

college packing list for girls

Another video – This video features 2 girls being advised on what to bring to college..

It is a real organizational help: Dorm Room Essentials

Make your dorm room comfortable, yes – but also find ways to economize on space through storage ideas & creativity.

Now.. next up:
STUPID Things to Bring & WISE Items

College Packing List – 8 Minute Synopsis: Worthwhile Stuff

Video Blog #2What to Bring to College
Some good “Down to Earth” advice here; Matt shares his #1 Favorite Thing He Packed

Finally we have:

Move-in College Stories: What To Bring to College With You


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