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Bathing a Newborn

Newborn Care, Bathing – Newborn Games, and Diet.  This is a fantastic time for you and your baby – the start of his/her life is a joyous time.  Our post today includes tips, and a video showing you how to bathe your newborn babe.


Healthy Eating Guide – For Your Heart’s Sake there are things to consider, to improve your health.  Bad cholesterol is a thing which you may control, if you’ve the iron will to do it.   Refer to the link above for a good post on the subject.


TEEN ISSUES:    Online Safety –   

predator proana sites

Are a concern.  The web can be a place where many persons leave reality, and sort of dive into a protective fantasy world (or so they think).  Care should be taken, though.   Most parents would assume that identity theft and on-line predators are the only threat; however, there are others such as “proana sites” which encourage fasting, and other potentially dangerous practices.   Read the article


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