Your angel has just entered the magical 13, and all of a sudden the balance in relations between the two of you have undergone a sea of change. You abruptly find your beloved child becoming gloomy, irritable and he/she has stopped coming to you for a “wise word”.  You sense she has started keeping secrets from you, and you are no longer his/her best friend.

The first reaction of parents when they start encountering difficulties with their teens is to condemn themselves.  There are some parents who start accusing the raging hormones for everything.  Well, the matter is neither with you nor with the ”chemistry”.  The teenage phase in one’s life is the most exciting, and most teens get confused as they are outgrowing their childhood years (and making the initial probationary steps into adulthood). They are in a dilemma and don’t know the future. There are also a lot of physical changes that are taking place; these things happen so fast that they are caught unaware.  You may read about it in Diary of a Wimpy Kid 5.

The reaction of the vast majority of parents is dire, and your young child withdraws further into a shell.  Next, the seeking ought of your advice goes further away from you.  First of all, stop making attempts to be your kid’s best friend. You are a parent, and the appropriate manner is what they expect from you. You should lend unconditional support, and there should be no strings attached. Try to listen and regulate the urge to recommend them or intervene on everything;  encourage them to negotiate on their own. You need to be gentle, while being firm at the same time.  Try and train them that there will be consequences to their reckless behavior.  The methods to do it are presented in Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Ugly Truth.

Allow them to express their feelings without fear, and try to build trust. Don’t start lecturing; learn to speak with them in a polite way.  If you are afraid that your teen might try drugs or sex,  let them know the dangers associated with them.  Teach them discipline and good habits.  Be steady when required.  There may be times when they try to push you around  – however, if you stand your ground they will eventually come to respect you. Being a parent requires a lot of love, tact, and understanding (and firmness), in order to support and assist a child.  Don’t give up on your loved one, all they need is a bit of guidance to aid them across a sea of teenage angst, and step into the ocean of grown-ups.  In the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the reasons and symptoms of teenage behavior problems have been described in detail.

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