Things Important to a Child – Is Child Abandonment an Issue?

Get this. As a child, I was very sensitive. The things my parents did (or failed to do) really struck home with me.

I am going to be truthful here, about the good things my parents did as well as some things that really hurt. Maybe it will help you.

Spending quality time with my dad was quite important to me. So much so, that I would even do chores outside (like raking leaves) in order to be with him. My dad was accepting of this and praised me for contributing.

Some kids are sensitive like this. If your child pipes up & offers to do something (& you’re involved), don’t dismiss it out of hand.

A Child’s Perspective (A Child’s Outlook)

Kids see things differently than adults. You are leading a busy life (& get “caught up”) so you may, at times, not take the proper time out to acknowledge your child.

If your child has recently done well in school, please be sure to acknowledge this and praise your youngster. And, if at all possible, do something together (such as a family outing, in which the child gets to select the movie, sporting event, etc. you attend). *Note: This will resonate for a long time to comemake the effort here

Self Esteem

It truly is worthwhile to praise and reward a child for a job well done (such as improving quarterly grades or making the Honor Roll). Please do not overlook this. These are the things in a child’s universe. It hurts him or her, when you fail to take time out due to your schedule.

I don’t say this lightly. When I worked an entire year to get straight A’s (a prize was offered – 2 tickets to a pro baseball game), and my dad didn’t offer praise and would not go to the baseball game with me, it hurt deeply. This resonated for years with me.

Cat’s in the Cradle by Harry Chapin Harry Chapin songwriter


Cat\’s in the Cradle by Harry Chapin – Have a Listen

Listen to this song. Really listen. Brings the point home well – your child may well remember lapses in your behavior a.k.a. child abandonment (as listed above) and it could affect your relationship in the future, when you are older (and may be in need of something yourself)

Child abandonment is a harsh term – but try to look at things from your child’s perspective. For further assistance on this subject,

visit my article on Divorce and Children: Effect of Divorce on Teens & Little Kids


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