Spontaneous Holidays: Add an Element of Surprise to Your Travel

Want a unique approach to your vacation? Would you like something inspired? Simply incorporate the practice of “thinking of others” into your vacation.

You can design a vacation in which you arrange for little surprises for your mate, or date.  Since you’ll know the schedule, you can arrange for tickets to different events (concerts, plays, hockey, football etc.) as you land in each city or town, and spring the surprise on your loved one.

Other Ideas – Spontaneous Holidays

You can put several ideas into a hat – for where you’ll go, what you’ll see for the day.

For instance, put the following into a hat –

  • Museum trip
  • Musical theater or concert
  • Tour of a factory
  • Party or celebration            Vacation Ideas: Parties, Sporting Event, or Dinner Theater Tickets
  • Sporting event
  • Amusement park
  • Trip to the beach

These are some ideas for you; of course, you can come up with some of your own.

As a precaution, make sure that your fellow travelers are willing to play the hat game. Make up the “hat” drawing the night before. Then, you’ll all have something to look forward to in the morning.

Impromptu Ideas: Are Kids Allowed In?

If you are traveling with children, you’ll need to take this into account and verify that certain events allow kids to come (“black tie” dinners, or costume parties may not be appropriate for children, or teens); so make some phone calls ahead of time, and get your choices in order. Write everything down; since you are the coordinator of the surprises, you have to be very organized.

Holiday Ideas – Think of Some Options for Children

It will be a good idea to carve out some extra “impromptu ideas” to put into your cap. Things like swimming, kids plays, musical concerts tailored toward children, etc.  Also, consider letting the kids come up with a few ideas.  Here are some extra ideas for kids:

  • Festivals
  • Book Festivals
  • Renaissance or State Fairs
  • Amusement parks
  • Waterparks

Books festivals are a place for kids and families to interact with exceptional writers, storytellers and poets and enjoy an inspiring variety of book-related activities, exhibitions and demonstrations.  So if you aspiring writers in your family, or just want to check out the exhibitions,
Spontaneous Holidays: Books Festivalsyou can visit one of these unique literary celebrations.

Inexpensive Holidays and Trips: Want Some More?

There are other options when planning your holiday. It may be that the family simply needs a bit of a breather – and that while you wish to take some time to “slow down”, you only have two to four days you can devote to a trip.  If this is the case, you need to set your priorities and really get organized as to what you wish to see, or do, on the trip. Discuss this with your family, and list things down; then you can make the phone calls Spontaneous Vacation Holidays: Plan and Organize  while the kids are at school – sound good?

Is relaxing the priority? Then you can opt for a vacation that has less rushing around – maybe do some hiking, and a family picnic.  Or perhaps go see some friends in a nearby town – and if the town (or city) has a lake nearby, do some relaxing by the lake (fishing, boating, etc.).



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