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College Furniture:  What to Bring to College

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On “What to Bring to College” – We have some grand ideas for you in our Healthy Kids post on college packing and organizing – Check it here  (Includes some videos too)


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Children Safety Recommendations –  Rock climbing safety, Summer Safety For Kids, Bicycle Safety for Kids, Pool Safety, and Park Safety …


Yoga for Kids


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Yoga can be very relaxing, just like swimming can, or riding a bike (or meditating even!) – If you’d like to check out one of our posts on Yoga for Kids, and we ALSO have a post for pregnant ladies, as to Yoga…


http://healthykids info-just-for-u com/parenting-tips/things-you-need-for-college-a-college-checklist/

What to Bring to College

Mini-Fridge for College

College Checklist – Asking Questions is very good – You will want to be ready ..So go to the proper college webpage for a speedy check of the Rules –  And also read our posts – you may find some useful tips, as to what other teens are utilizing as resources to get ready to move into their college quarters..

P.S.  Also look at our post on Healthy Eating Guide:  Students on the Go


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