Child Development: Educational Toys Benefits

Child development, all too often, is not properly nurtured. Today, technology has come up with solutions, in the way of better educational toys, which include electronics, rattles, rings, Luke toys, curiousity cubes and more.

Curiousity Cubes: How do These Work?

Curiousity Cubes            

serve to enhance your child’s curiousity, and helps him enjoy exploring the world around him. Curiousity cube refines your infant or toddler’s cognitive development, and fine motor skills.

The curiosity cube stimulates your child; when your child touches the toy, something happens. There are six sides to the cube, so there are many possibilities for exploring, and learning new things. Let me give examples.

Your baby can simply click the toy, turn it, keying in new graphics, or move the beads to a maze. Maze toys are excellent for improving your child’s hand and eye coordination.  The moment the baby turns the cube over, he’ll notice a colorful disk that spirals down the toy.  He explores further, and something else new happens. With the abacus, your baby develops the ability to count; additionally, the act of moving the disks on the abacus develops new motor skills for your toddler, or infant.

There is a “rainstick” Tube which allows the child to see rain sticks transparently spin around. This enhances the appreciation of nature in your child.

Curiousity Cube has a Mirror

An educational toy with some sort of mirror stimulates your child’s visual. Your child eventually learns to recognize himself. This is an important tool in the educational toy chest – as the rouge test indicates, this stage in a child’s development (recognizing self in the mirror) shows a sense of self-identity.

Musical Development in Your Child

I am sure you will agree that music development and appreciation is worthwhile for your child.  There are a variety of musical toys you can look into.   There is a toy called  LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table.  It has a lot of moving parts, & everything touched makes a sound.   It has over 40 melodies and songs, including some Nursery Rhymes.

One thing that is nice about this toy is the sounds don’t tend to annoy parents as much as some others can.  There are activities with LeapFrog Learn & Groove musical table too – for example, baby can slide the cello to learn about “up and down”, he can tap on the colorful drum, or play the colored piano keys & learn about colors. 

Music as a Healing Source

Music is quite a healing source, for anyone including toddlers & infants.  By using a toy which enables baby to learn more about sounds, melodies, and different musical instruments, you give a great gift to your child – he will become a better listener, pay closer attention to things, and begin to appreciate music.

Your baby (or toddler) will probably learn to love the sounds of music, and will perceive things in a new way.  Your child will be able to develop rhythm, and hear with less effort.


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