A lot of parents today are concerned about the state of public schools. They are worried
about the violence at schools, as well as their child’s level of education. Some of them
cannot afford to send their kids to private schools.


Therefore, one solution many families are coming up with is home schooling. One’s ability
to be a home schooler should be considered, beforehand. As a parent, you need to ensure
you can handle the job responsibilities. You’ll need to be accredited, of course.

Check into your state’s requirements, as to home schooling accreditation. The requirements
vary widely, from state to state.  Of course, there are some great benefits (and also specific
drawbacks) when you decide to home school children.

That is why you need to look into it carefully, see what is involved and then assess whether
or not it is worth it (& ensure you’re up to the task). It may be good to order some books
pertaining to home schooling.  Order separate books on home schooling organization,
home school recordkeeping, home schooling portfolios, organization of the classroom,
furniture needed, and subject matter. Subject matter is a big concern, obviously; so put
your due diligence in with that.

You will have more control, and greater say in your child’s education with home schooling.
In fact, one of the chief complaints about both public and private schools is the lack of
control a parent has.

Now, even though there are certain educational standards which must be adhered to with
home schooling, you will have greater freedom in determining the quality, and level, of
your child’s education at home.

Many parents involved in home schooling feel that their kids are receiving an advanced
education. Many feel that because their student (child) can received more specialized
attention, the level of education is bound to be higher.

And, home schooling can clearly be far less costly than sending your kids to a private
school. Tuitions have risen, and so many families have gotten priced out of that market.
Another boon with home schooling is the fact that parents can develop a deeper bond with
their kids.

This is a wonderful side benefit, wouldn’t you say? And you can plan some great home
schooling field trips, seeking feedback from your child as to where to go, and which
subject area to explore.


You can go in a group, as well.  Nowadays, such alternatives are possible – check your
local area. It would be remiss not to mention there are some drawbacks to home schooling.
The main attack has been on home schooling socialization – the lack of socialization,
yet as I just stated in the previous paragraph, that is now possible with home schooling
field trips
in groups.

This is because there’s now different organizations and associations which have been created
to bring home schooled kids together for certain activities and events.  Proponents of home
schooling state that this allows ample opportunity for social interaction with kids their
own age.

Many experts contend that the trend toward home schooling is likely to continue in the near
future. I tend to agree with them, what with the violence and bullying in school, and
the inherent benefits (better education, more freedom, and the deeper bond possible).
What parent wouldnt want a more fulfilling relationship with their kids?

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