Healthy Eating Guide – Changing How You Eat

Of course, it’s important to eat right.   But how to go about it in an intelligent manner, in a way that works for you?  If you can find a healthy eating book which suits you, that can really help.   Even though you may have to sift through a number of healthy eating guides before finding the right one,  it is worth it!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.    And steps you take now impact how good you feel, going forward.

Make some smart adjustments  –

Healthy Eating Guide – Quality Suggestions

1.  Avoid foods with words you can’t pronounce, or understand.   When stocking your pantry (or cupboards), keep it simple.

2.  Breakfast is  important – don’t miss the chance to start the day out right.  An energy bar or drink will not suffice – listen to your body!

3.  Keep high quality snacks with you – real food, like a banana, apple, or romain salad.  Keep them preserved with a cooler .

4.  Have a “well rounded diet” – include some carbs for the “storing” of energy.

5.  Drink enough water, and fluids, throughout the day.   You probably don’t require 8 glasses of water as was recommended in the past – but give your body enough fluids both in winter & in summer.   *Milk, water & juice are best for active people.

6.  Skipping calories – this is a “no-no” – your body needs a certain amount of calories per day.  Don’t deprive your body its calories (even for a diet).

It could be unsafe.  For weight loss,  what you should do, is aim for 1 – 2 pounds a week.   If you start losing weight too fast, eat a bit more food.

7.  Sweeten and salt foods yourself, whenever possible.   You’ll consume far less sugar (and salt) in this way since companies add in far more sugar than a human being ever would.

8.  Favor the kind of grains which traditionally have been stone ground  – avoid white flour.   The traditional benefits of Whole grains are impressive.  Get the full

range of B Vitamins by staying with Stone Ground .  Look at Nutritional Benefits of Stone Ground Wheat flour

9.  Eat some foods that have been pre-digested by fungi, or bacteria — “fermented foods” like yogurt, sauerkraut,  or delicious sourdough bread is a healthy eating guideline.

      Fermented Foods can contain probiotics, with beneficial bacteria – you may have heard of this, or READ Fermented Foods  <–

It is said fermented foods with probiotics can improve immune function, and reduce allergies & inflammation

Armed with this healthy eating guide, you should look forward to better days ahead – you should feel better and have greater quantities of energy at your disposal. Just stick to the plan. Use online support systems if you need it.

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