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There are so many diverse approaches to the great world of Home schooling.   In today’s post I will describe 5 of the Advantages to Homeschooling

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Overstimulating a Baby

Overstimulating a Baby – Why  You Probably Should  Stay away from overstimulating your newborn during evening feedings (any feedings, really) .   Resist the urge to play with your infant at this time.  If your baby coos at you, try to refrain from too much stimulation at night.

Eventually, your Newborn will acclimate himself to sleeping at night and staying awake in the course of the day.



teenage drinking

Teens receiving treatment in rehab centers may not derive benefit from being prescribed additional drugs.  An individual has little to gain from being given additional medications; it simply does not fix their life situation.

Remedy specialists in drug rehab centers must understand the huge role depression plays for these TEENS who

drink alcohol from an early age.   Read more of our “Teens & Drug Rehab May be Hampered by Depression” article


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