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Healthy eating guide for coleege

Healthy Eating Guide/Healthy Breakfast Ideas – A lot of studies have shown that kids who eat breakfast perform better in school, and have a healthier diet. Eating breakfast will help prepare a child or teen for school – as will using Omega 3 vitamins, or other healthy supplements.  To read more about healthy diet, go Here

depression and teen drinking         Teen Alcoholism

Drug Rehab Centers – Alcohol and Depression and Medication: Treatment specialists in drug rehab centers understand the huge role depression plays in being treated for an alcohol problem.  It is not a wise idea for parents to “turn a blind eye” & allow a treatment center’s doctor full reign as to prescription drugs/diet changes.  Be involved, I urge you.  It matters very much to your teen child !   Read article on Teen Drinking HERE .  Second article about effects of depression here ..

depression under teens


Summer is here !   Read on.. SAFETY TIPS:

rock climbing swimming pool

Kids Safety Tips – Summer Safety For Kids, Bicycle Safety for Kids, Pool Safety, Park Safety/Rock Climbing Safety and Other Summer Safety Tips..

kids exercise

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