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The medical community has differing opinions on how to handle the bedwetting issuePart of the concern would be the age of the kids who are having these bedwetting problems; whatever the age, stern measures (read “hollering at” or “scaring the child”) should not be used.

Yes, there is a better way to handle things, rather than to lose control of your temper.  Do a bit of study.   Heck, order some amazon books (or Barnes & Noble) & look into the alternative ways to cope with toddlers, or young children.

Then you can make an intelligent choice, rather than an ill-advised, impetuous decision!

Bedwetting:   Indicators

Bedwetting by itself does not mean that a child has diabetes. Young ones with diabetes quite often wet the bed when their blood sugar (glucose) levels become inconsistent.

Bedwetting – Alternative Medicine Therapy

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