Mental Strain

– What Happens to Our Brains Under Pressure?

How much do you know about your own brain?  Yes, you realize that it does a multitude of things – in fact, the range of things that a human brain can handle is truly amazing , if you think about it – LOL.

When I was young (in my 20’s) my brother always used to say, “Your brain can handle so much more, Jan.  You really should try and stretch your brain’s capacities as much as you can.  See how far you can take things.”


He was referring to memory and learning, and intellectual pursuits.  Indeed, the brain does take on a lot during your lifetime.   It controls so many activities for a person.  The brain handles involuntary, as well as voluntary functions. The involuntary are things such as heart beating and breathing, sneezing, or hiccuping.    These are known as automated functions within the human body.

Human Brain:  Voluntary Functions

Then too, our human brains are able to ferret things out, and make amazing discoveries; these often lead to inventions.   You might say, we humans are rather amazing! 

One unique feature of the brain is the ability to look at a problem from many angles, and come up with a creative solution – to “think outside the box”.   This is analytical thinking, and reasoning.   And yet we can be very creative as well.  It can be safely assumed that a  human being can do things like this that other mammals can’t do.  But if we are under

mental strain

it is far more difficult for our brains to function at this higher level. Another thing we humans can do is to associate color to things.  The brain lets us make decisions, based on colors.  Color is a complex function of the human brain.

Adequate Sleep

1. As you can see, our human brains are strong, capable of directing many activities, yet able to perform beautiful, unique feats – i.e., creativity.  Nevertheless, the human brain does need protecting.   As with other parts of your human body, it will not remain the same.  It will be susceptible to the elements of time; if you subject your mind to too much stress, too many chemicals, or a lack of

adequate sleep

your brain will be susceptible and will become damaged; it will wither.

Mental Exercises

And similarly, if you do not give your brain

mental exercises

it will suffer reduction.  This may surprise you, yet if you are forewarned you are forearmed.  You can yet do something to help your brain out; by getting good rest each night, reducing your alcohol intake (or prescription drugs), eating right, and taking

high quality Omega 3

vitamins and herbs, you will definitely give your brain some of what it needs. You will reduce the

mental strain

Also by performing mental exercises, in order to provide your precious mind the workout it needs, you remain at a high functioning level.   So do whatever you can to rejuvenate it.

Following are some tips and ways you can enhance your mind’s power as age catches up to you:

Live a Healthful Lifestyle:  Be Kind to Your Mind

Living a healthful lifestyle is quite an essential matter, if you want your brain to be in optimal health for the longest period possible – meaning for your whole life.  Sadly, people often do not take adequate time to consider what they are doing to their brain’s health.  For instance, there are individuals who will hit the bottle hard, reasoning that they’ve plenty of brain cells to spare.  Yes, but persist for long & you damage the brain.

And consider the fact that so many systems of the body depend on directions from your brain.  Sometimes when you look at a subject from a new angle, you’ll see things in a different light.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT:  Visual Imagery/Meditation

Brain Nourishment

2. Provide Your Brain Nourishment by Consuming High Quality Foods

You will want to eat the best foods, for your brain to function at its best level. Study this.  Buy books; it is an investment which is well worth the money spent.  Find out what herbs and vitamins may be beneficial (think brain omega 3), as well.  Your brain is the most active part of the human body; even when a person sleeps, the brain is yet doing things.  People often take this for granted.  They do not fully understand the workload the brain has; and so, they often do not properly take care of it with balanced meals, and proper exercise.  It is high time we give our brains a break!

Higher Level Functions

What Impact Does Exercise Have on Your Brain Functioning?

3. Be sure to partake of exercise. Your body, as well as your mind, will thank you for this later. If you do the proper exercise several times a week, your

brain functioning

will be at a higher level, and you’ll achieve a proper balance in your life.

4. Learn to let go of stress daily.  Right when it occurs, if you can. Clear your brain through meditation/visualization, or some creative activity such as drawing or painting, and you will wind down naturally.  Use of relaxing herbs, vitamins (brain omega 3 vitamins) or a massage or sauna, will enhance this. Do this for your brain!  Your brain is to be cherished and held in high regard; respect it.  Respect yourself. In the end, you’ll be able to do more, and have a far more fulfilling life.

I hope you’ve been able to conclude that the ability to clear the brain daily, and reduce stress, will go a long way toward enabling your brain to become nourished and reinvigorated.  Just as important as this will be the ability to take time to eat properly each and every day, exercise, and make sure you receive adequate sleep. Take time for breaks during the day to meditate, paint a picture or do some other relaxing and rewarding activity.  Your brain will thank you for it, and will reward you by enabling you to function better, and ultimately you will experience a more fulfilling life.

Brain Health Summary

As resilient as the human brain is, it still needs some essential things in order to function at a very high level.  If an individual is exposed to an inordinant amount of stress during the day & does not make it a goal to get adequate sleep at night, the brain becomes overloaded and cannot function to its optimum level.   So begin taking real good care of your brain.  Appreciate it.  If you do, it will reward you in kind.


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