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bacterial vaginosis in toddlers Bacterial vaginosis in Toddlers

What is Bacterial Vaginosis – Bacterial vaginosis: Bacterial vaginosis belongs to the most prevalent of women’s genital circumstances on the globe. Home remedies may be employed, for young kids who have bacterial vaginosis; yes, this problem can crop up even in young children. You may want to read my post, to ascertain further info about this issue, and investigate what you can do.

SOme moms might wish to explore using yogurt with lactobacillus acidophilus .. You can treat a YEAST Infection with this

too – many use this technique and have good results. To READ about Yeast Infection, visit this official medical site

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noise machine reviews

Sleeping Soundly: Sound Sleep Machines – To sleep soundly there are a lot of elements involved . Most people don’t realize just how MANY things can affect one’s ability to SLEEP WELL. Indeed, there are things you should eschew (avoid) prior to bedtime – such as caffeine in coffee or in tea, alcohol (in that final 90 min. b4 bedtime), nicotine and even vigorous physical exercise.

Plus it’d be a good idea if you didn’t play any of those “stimulating” games on your laptop or PC – it’s just that it rouses, or stimulates your senses. Other tips: place lavender on your pillow, have a relaxing mineral bath (or similar relaxing bath), turn on your sound or white noise machine, meditate on something soothing


Toy Kitchen set

kids vintage kitchen set

Is a Toy Kitchen Set a good idea? Well, it is certainly something kids (toddlers) can play with, and open up their imagination! What a concept – little to no noise for you (as a parent, at the end of a LONG work day – you might appreicate this eh?).

But truly – it can be an enjoyable toy for toddlers and very young children.. And it’s probably a good idea that not everything they play with have an “electronic component” to it – just to help your child be more well-rounded, i mean, & not feel LIKE they’re dependent on electricity and electronic equipment ALL the time (geez)!

It’s good for kids to use their minds, sometimes..

For more creative toys ideas visit Creative toys


chronic bacterial vaginosis

What is Bacterial Vaginosis – Bacterial vaginosis: This problem occurs even in young children. You may want to read the article

to find out more about the issue, and how you may incorporate a HOME REMEDY – if you are so inclined, you may wish to

employ yogurt with lactobacillus acidophilus (a helpful bacteria)




white noise machine

Sleeping Soundly and Using Sound Sleep Machines at Bedtime: To sleep soundly, you may want to consider a sound machine, or even one of those wacky WHITE Noise Machines for your bedroom; of course, it’s a nice idea to chat it up with your spouse before plunking down the money and buying one (ha) ..

Aspects to take into consideration: SEE White Noise post HERE



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