Pregnant Sleep Position: Can a Maternity Pillow Help With Discomfort  During Sleep?

If you’re having challenges when trying to get some rest, here is something you can consider.  Perhaps it is because of the

pregnant sleep position

you are using.   Do you spend a lot of the night attempting to get comfortable, suffering from backaches? All  of the above, or any of these, could be improved using the proper sleeping positions during pregnancy .

What exactly are the

pregnancy sleeping positions

which can help you get a good night’s rest? Well, it is the

side sleeping position

especially the left side sleeping position.

So why is this

pregnant sleep position

the best for pregnant ladies? It all has to do with the little bundle of joy that’s growing inside of you. You probably expected when you decided to have kids that they would keep you up when they were born, however , you may not have predicted they might keep you up during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Sleeping Positions:  What Gives Out Under Pressure?

But as your baby grows within you, the weight of the placenta and expanding fetus applies pressure on your back as you sleep.  Medical professionals advise expectant mothers to sleep on their left side (side sleeping position), and keep the extra weight of the baby from the spinal column.  Should you end up spending a substantial amount of time resting on your back, the weight of the growing baby could cause several discomforts and problems.

You should be advised that the circulation of blood for the placenta is jeopardized, cutting off the nourishment your blood provides your unborn child. What’s more , it can lead to swollen legs and feet and even (yikes) hemorrhoids. The extra weight of the infant on your back also brings about backaches, and back muscle tissue cramping pains.

However, by doing the

side sleeping position

(LEFT Side), it becomes easier to keep away from these troubles, and bring about not only a more healthy, but also a more contented night’s rest. Health professionals specifically advocate resting on the left side as the most beneficial pregnant sleep position, to avoid placing the extra weight of the baby on internal bodily organs.

This is a lot easier said than done. It’s possible you’ll try to sleep on your side, only to find that position can feel abnormal, or you may still find yourself on your back after you drift off. This can be remedied simply by using a maternity pillow. These kinds of full body cushions are created specifically to provide ultimate comfort and ease for sleeping in pregnancy, and to help keep the “doctor recommended” pregnant side sleeping position.

A maternity pillow will probably be your best ally when pregnant. Rather than being restless it is possible to sleep like a baby, cradled in full body support and comfort, while keeping the appropriate

pregnancy sleeping position

Indeed, many pregnant women find that most of their sleep issues are relieved by using a maternity pillow.



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