Facts on Teenage Drinking

Today we’ll discuss facts on teenage drinking:

  1. Many teens have their first drink by age 13
  2. Emotional development is impaired in teenage drinkers
  3. There is an increase in violence among teens who drink
  4. STD’s  increase in teens who abuse alcohol
  5. Increased risk of suicide
  6. PIRE Researchers estimate that around 21% of Homicides involving teens are alcohol related (Source:  the Pacific Institute on Research and Evaluation (PIRE) –> Cited in this Article
  7. Per mile driven, teens aged 16 to 19 are 4 times more likely than adults to crash (Source:  cdc.gov )
  8. Nipping it in the Bud:  If you can prevent teenage drinking early on, this can help with alcohol dependence later in life (The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says that a teen who starts drinking before age 15 has five times more risk for alcohol dependency than a drinker who begins at age 21)
  9. Binge Drinking among Teens:  Binge Drinking Effects (YouTube video)  Also:  Binge Drinking Impairs Brain Dev’t (SEE Insightful Video below ):

ImportantHistory always matters.  Even with respect to noting the effects, historically, of binge drinking on young teens’ lives.  So even though your youngster may not like History in school, it could behoove him or her to get educated on this topic!

Final Facts on Teenage Drinking:  Over 692,000 young people are treated for injuries sustained from violence each year, and there is a tie-in between teen violence and drinking (Source: Safeyouth.gov).  While not all homicides could have been prevented merely by removing alcohol from the equation, a significant percentage of them could have been avoided.



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